Plans & pricing

We offer you a friendly free plan to try out for as long as you want, and several paid plans if you are ready to expand.

Billing cycles are either monthly or yearly, and yearly plans get two months for free.

Questions that may or may not be asked frequently, but we assume you want to know the answers to

Topic: Billing

I want to sign up for a plan, how do I proceed?

  1. First, you need to register an account and login.
  2. Then, go (back) to the pricing page, select your preferred plan in the table above and if necessary, enter your payment / card credentials in the form that pops up.
  3. Done! If the payment was successful, you can start testing!

Can I combine multiple plans?

Sure you can, easily! Just subscribe to a new plan on the pricing page. Everything is added on top of the plan you already have.

So for example, you could combine a Company plan with a Team plan. This way, you can mix and match up to what you need, at the most favorable pricing scheme possible.

What if it's the middle of a month, and I want to cancel?

If you cancel a plan, you can choose to keep using it for as long as it was paid for, or we can automatically prorate and refund the remainder. These options are available to you on the respective 'manage subscription' pages.

In my country, we don't use Euros for currency. What would the prices be?

The pricing and invoicing is in Euros, so your currency would simply be converted to a price in Euros. That could be beneficial for you in the long run, or not, depending on fluctuations in exchange rates during your billing period.

As of today, that would probably be something like this:

Topic: Testing

I want 100 participants. Can you arrange them for me?

Sorry, no. It is a matter of quality and speed. You can find better participants for your specific test and your specific situation than we ever could. This way, you don't need many of them.

How many people should I invite to participate in a test?

A good question, and unfortunately, we don't have a simple answer, because it depends.

As a rule of thumb though, we try to achieve two things when inviting people:

  1. First, we need to know what it is, exactly, what we want to test. For instance: if you want to find out how your clients will react to a text, then ask some clients, not your colleagues.
  2. Second, you usually don't need hundreds of participants to get a good feel for what they think. Many user tests are being conducted with only a handful of people. So, we usually try to get feedback from at least 25 people: not too few, not too many. Your mileage may vary, of course.

How can I find participants?

You know more people than you know!

To find clients, your company newsletter usually is a good source. To find non-clients, you could ask visitors to your website who don't have an account (or are not logged or recognized). Or ask colleagues from another part of your company, who have nothing to do with what you're testing. Or ask friends, neighbours, your basketball-team.... plenty of people you know! Just don't be afraid to ask :)